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Useful resource for security architecture

One of the nice things of my job is that I’m challenged and pushed on a continual basis. Most recently, I had to produce a security architecture for a fairly complex system. Among the things that made this interesting is that the system exposes several public facing entry points, and uses a fair amount of […]


Contained evilness

It’s been a while since I’ve been THIS happy to have Windows safely contained in a sandbox. Usually when I shut down, it’s because I need to leave work -¬†how do windows people cope with having to wait 30-60 minutes to shut down their machines??

FizzBuzz in a Tweet

Because I just know how to have a great time, I did a simple excercise tonight to see if I can implement FizzBuzz short enough to fit in a tweet. Some rules: It must be Java It must be a complete, runnable class It must print each entry on a new line It must…. well… […]


Architectural Backlash

I’ve noticed recently that it almost seems fashionable to pour scorn on the concept of an Architect role in a dev team. Probably the first time that I really noticed this was when I read a post at charmingly entitled “Architect – Overrated!“. This post consists of a neat set of bullet points: You […]

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CEP with TIBCO Business Events

I recently had the incredible opportunity of going to Germany for two weeks to spend time with some of the leading TIBCO architects in Europe. There were many goals to the visit which I generally can’t share since it’s work related, but one of the most interesting aspects of the visit was a week long […]

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Thoughts on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

ThoughtWorks published their March 2012 Technology Radar recently, and it is a must read for anyone with a passing interest in software development. Here are some of the things that I found particularly interesting: Things I were blissfully unaware of: Vagrant. It’s scripted delivery of dev environments using VirtualBox and Puppet / Chef. Quick, easy […]


Fixing mintMenu crashing with AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get_contents’

Mint has made my life difficult a few times now. The latest trick was getting the following error with a stack trace at start-up: AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get_contents’ In my case the problem turned out to be a blanked out file. To determine if this is the case, run: ls -ltr […]


Getting started with some cool new-to-me stuff

I’ve been itching for a while to try out something new and not work related. Amongst others, I’m interested in learning: Gradle – I like Groovy and I like devops. Polyglot Maven is silly. I need to try this. Scala – Too many cool features to ignore. MongoDB – Well, more like something NoSQL in […]

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The CAP theorem

I was reminded again today of the CAP theorem. This is an oldie but quite a goody, especially with all the hype around the cloud and distributed systems these days. The theorem states that no distributed system can simultaneously guarantee Consistency, Availablility, and Partition Safety, and has been proven to be correct. So you can […]

Good article on Drools unit tests

Found this article on unit testing Drools… pretty cool… they use Mockito to mock out the event listeners, allowing you to assert events fired in the rules engine. I’m more familiar with JMock than Mockito, but the ArgumentCaptor mechanism used here is something I’ve wanted more than a few times in JMock. In JMock […]

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